Infineon introduces CoolMOS C7

Infineon Technologies AG introduces the CoolMOSTM C7 with the new 650V super-junction MOSFET technology. The new C7 product family offers first-class on-resistance RDS(on) for all standard packages. In addition, thanks to the low switching losses, energy efficiency improvements can also be achieved under any load conditions. The C7 is suitable for hard-switching topologies such as continuous conduction mode power factor correction (CCM PFC), dual-switch forward (TTF), and solar boost topologies. Typical applications include solar, servers, telecommunications equipment, and UPS (uninterruptible power supplies). The 650V breakdown voltage also makes C7 suitable for applications that require additional safety margin.

“C7 continues the 12-year road to innovation and development of high-quality super-junction CoolMOS technology, further consolidating Infineon’s leading position in high-end power conversion.” Jan-Willem Reynaerts, head of Infineon's high-voltage power conversion products, points out, “With the With CoolMOS C7's best-in-class quality factor (RDS(on)*EOSS), our customers can design an unprecedented new generation power conversion system with higher power density and efficiency."

The C7 series offers the lowest on-resistance in the world. The TO247 package can reach 19mΩ, and the TO220 and D2PAK can reach 45mΩ. Today, the C7's fast switching performance enables the customer server PFC stage to achieve switching frequencies above 100 kHz for the first time while achieving Ti-level energy efficiency. This can reduce the space requirement for passive components, thereby increasing power density.

In addition, reduced output capacitance (Eoss) and low gate charge (Qg) also increase energy efficiency at light load conditions. Combining the best-in-class C7 with Infineon's new silicon carbide (SiC) thinQ!? fifth-generation Schottky diode series and ICE2/ICE3 control ICs, CCM PFC circuits with unmatched performance can be designed.

Samples are now available for the 650V CoolMOS C7. Mass production will begin in June 2013.

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