Bamboo Technology Introduces New MOS Rectifier

Penny Technology announced the launch of 12 new types of surface mount MOS rectifiers (MOS Rectifier). This product uses a high thermal efficiency and a small TO-277 package, with excellent ultra-low thermal resistance performance, can reduce the footprint of 40%, to achieve double Times of power density.

RBI Technology Co., Ltd. stated that the new MOS Rectifier is designed for the next generation of smart phone and tablet chargers. Its rated current covers 5A~15A, rated voltage covers 45V~120V, and the maximum rated junction temperature reaches Celsius. At 175 degrees, the Avalanche rating is also 50% higher than the Schottky diode in the Dpak package.

The MOS rectifier (MOS Rectifier) has ultra-low forward voltage and ultra-low reverse leakage current. It can tolerate higher pulse currents and higher operating temperatures for higher power dissipation and surge performance.

Ensure that the conduction loss is minimized, which improves the charging efficiency. Reverse leakage at a higher temperature means that the loss of the blocking mode is also reduced, avoiding the risk of thermal runaway and increasing product reliability.

CITC's self-developed TO-277 package measures only 6.5*1.86*1.15 mm, which is only half the size of the Dpak package. This helps designers reduce circuit area and increase power density for compact power supplies in end applications. The MOS Rectifier's electrical performance, combined with a low thermal resistance in a compact TO-277 package, optimizes thermal conduction and enables the design of smaller, thinner chargers. Applications include notebook-based computers. Power adapters, smart phone chargers, universal chargers, and power supplies for telecommunication equipment are the ideal output diode components in the power output stage.

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