Opening of the Qianhai Equity Exchange Center Our company is one of the first listed companies

This morning, the opening of the Qianhai Equity Exchange Center and the first batch of company listings were held in Wuzhou Hall of Shenzhen Wuzhou Hotel. Shenzhen Mayor Xu Qin, General Manager Song Liping of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and Hu Jizhi, Chairman of Qianhai Equity Exchange Center attended the ceremony. Hu Jizhi revealed that the first batch of listed companies showed 1,200 enterprises, and signed nine categories and 25 single businesses, and established cooperative relationships with 71 institutions.

It is understood that Qianhai Equity Exchange Center Co., Ltd. has a total of 8 shareholders. They are: CITIC Securities, Guoxin Securities, Anxin Securities, Shenzhen Securities Information Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Innovation Investment Group, Shenzhen Yuanzhi Investment, Shenzhen United Assets and Equity Exchange, and Shenzhen Qianhai Development Investment Holdings. Limited.

Xu Qin, the mayor of Shenzhen, said that Qianhai Equity Exchange Center will create a full-scale and innovative SME financing platform. It is a major innovation in the financial service entity economy and will play a positive role in effectively alleviating the financing difficulties of SMEs in Shenzhen and even the whole country. .

Song Liping, general manager of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, suggested that if there are mature investors in the initial stage of listing, they will form constraints on them and guide them to improve their accounting basis and governance. There is a certain threshold in the exchange market. Only companies that reach a certain scale can be listed on the exchange. There are currently more than 2,500 listed companies in the two exchanges in Shenzhen and Shanghai, even if there are more than 5,000 listed companies in mature markets, this is a huge China. For the SME group, it is obviously not enough. The Qianhai Equity Exchange Center will be a useful supplement to make up for the shortcomings of the exchange.

The following is the text of the meeting:

Moderator: Dear leaders, distinguished guests, friends from the financial and business circles, good morning everyone! This year is the year in which Shenzhen fully implements the spirit of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and it is also the key year for the 12th Five-Year Plan. It is currently in the process of accelerating the transformation of economic growth, promoting reform and innovation, and upgrading the quality of Shenzhen. It is an urgent need in this process. Financial industry product service innovation, focusing on solving the financing difficulties of SMEs, solving the integration of SME service system and multi-level capital market, achieving positive interaction between financial and physical industries, and symbiotic development.

Today, we hold the city's financial system services entity economy series of activities, the main purpose is to build a benign cooperation platform, through the government sector policy interpretation, SME financing negotiations and other diversified forms to create a good atmosphere and environment for the city's SMEs innovation and development, to more We will make good use of the financial support for physical industry services in the new era. This series of activities highlights two characteristics: First, it is pragmatic and efficient, and the series of activities integrates the opening and listing of the Qianhai Equity Exchange Center, the second financial service promotion month of the Shenzhen Banking Regulatory Bureau, and the SME Financing Matchmaking Fair. . It would have been necessary to open four meetings. Now we only use half a day to complete all these activities. It is pragmatic and efficient. Second, highlight service companies and serve the real economy. Today's activities include the interpretation of government agencies' policies and measures for the service of small and medium-sized enterprises, and the direct presence of financial companies and professional organizations such as securities companies, microfinance companies, and venture capital funds. It provides tailor-made financial services and business consulting for small and medium-sized enterprises, and guides financial companies to seek various financing methods and channels to solve problems for SME financing and provide systematic services and comprehensive support for the innovation and development of SMEs.

The city leaders, district governments, and municipal departments responsible for comrades, heads of financial supervisors and various financial institutions are present at the event. The first item of the meeting today, first of all, asked Mayor Xu Qin to make an important speech. Everyone welcomes!

Xu Qin: Dear friends in the financial and business world, everyone is good! Today we are here to hold a series of activities in the city's financial system to serve the real economy and introduce a series of new measures for financial services. This is part of the new situation in Shenzhen Municipal Government's transformation of functions and service companies. This is to respond to the current complex and severe economic situation and promote quality. The steady growth and sustainable and all-round development have very important practical significance. In particular, the Qianhai Equity Exchange Center will be established this year, which will create an all-round innovative SME financing platform. This is a major innovation in the financial services entity economy. It will play a positive role in effectively alleviating the difficulty of financing for SMEs in Shenzhen and even the whole country.

Shenzhen Mayor Xu Qin

First of all, on behalf of Secretary Wang Rong, on behalf of our deputy mayor, on behalf of the Shenzhen Municipal Government, on behalf of the Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee, the People's Bank of China (Market Zone), Shenzhen Central Branch, Banking Regulatory Bureau, Securities Regulatory Bureau, Shenzhen The central financial institutions and financial institutions such as the stock exchange expressed their heartfelt thanks! We pay high tribute to the important contributions made by the majority of SMEs to the economic and social development of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone.

Serving the real economy and promoting the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises are the important mission of financial institutions and the foundation for the development of finance and entities. The Party's 18th Congress emphasized that we must firmly grasp the solid foundation for the development of the real economy and improve the supportive entities for macroeconomic stability. The modern financial system for economic development. As a national economic center city, Shenzhen Special Economic Zone has placed financial services in the real economy in the process of accelerating financial construction. Efforts will be made to promote the positive interaction and symbiotic development between finance and the real economy. First, policy support has been continuously strengthened, and 24 policies and measures have been specifically introduced to support the economic development of financial services. Recently, the Municipal Standing Committee passed and will issue opinions on supporting the healthy development of small, medium and micro enterprises and actively promote the promotion of financial institutions. Big support for the real economy and small, medium and micro enterprises. Second, the ability of the financial service entity economy has continued to increase. Last year, the balance of foreign currency loans reached 2.18 trillion yuan, which is the third largest among medium and large cities nationwide. The balance of SME loans accounted for 31% of all loans, which was 3% higher than that of large-scale enterprises. In the first quarter of this year, the city's local and foreign currency loans reached 2.28 trillion yuan, and the balance of small and micro business loans was 312.6 billion yuan. In addition, the number of IPOs of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange ranks first in the world for three consecutive years. The total number of Shenzhen companies listed on the SME Board and the GEM Board is the highest in the country, and the number of VC and PE institutions and the total amount of management capital account for 1/3 of the country's total. Third, the contribution of the financial industry to economic and social development has increased. Last year, Shenzhen's total GDP exceeded 200 billion U.S. dollars and entered the top 30 cities in the world in terms of GDP. The financial industry accounted for 14% of GDP and tax revenue reached 16%. In the first quarter of this year, Shenzhen's GDP grew by 9%. Tax revenue in the financial industry increased by 33.8%. Accounting for nearly 20% of the city's tax revenue.

At present, the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone is thoroughly implementing the spirit of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. In accordance with the three positioning and two first requirements of General Secretary Xi Jinping when inspecting Guangdong, Shenzhen actively strives to build quality in Shenzhen and strives to achieve stable growth and sustainable quality. With all-round development and realization of these goals, we are faced with both new opportunities and new challenges. In particular, the external economic situation is not optimistic. There are still many factors of uncertainty and instability. The global economic growth is also facing a domestic appreciation of the renminbi and currency. In order to increase the pressure of expansion and other challenges, we must pay more attention to the use of the financial industry as a driving force for radiation, pay more attention to the integration of finance and the real economy, and effectively increase the support for small, medium and micro enterprises, and constantly increase the economic vitality of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. To take this opportunity, I have several points of view with the majority of SMEs.

At present, the financial industry in Shenzhen is facing new major opportunities. On the one hand, the country clearly proposes to accelerate the internationalization of the renminbi and steadily push forward the market-oriented reforms of interest rates and exchange rates. This will provide a broad market for the development of the Shenzhen financial industry with a high degree of marketization and strong innovation capability. Market space. On the other hand, Qianhai is accelerating the construction of a demonstration window for the opening up of China's financial industry. It will take the lead in promoting the opening of the financial industry to the outside world and take the lead in launching financial system and mechanism reforms and business model innovations that focus on serving the real economy. With the rapid advancement of the 22 pre-emptive preemptive policies in Qianhai countries, the development of Shenzhen's financial industry will usher in a rare opportunity for development. We hope that the city’s financial system will actively seize these major opportunities, accelerate the pace of financial opening and innovation, increase the quality and level of financial services, increase the strength and competitiveness of the financial industry, and enhance the status and influence of Shenzhen financial center.

Second, we hope that the city's financial system will be bold in innovation and focus on improving the capabilities of small, medium and micro enterprises. Small and medium-sized enterprises are the vitality and potential of economic development. The key to solving the financing difficulties of small and medium-sized enterprises is to innovate our financial services. We hope that the financial system of the city will actively serve the new needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, and increase financial organization innovation and product innovation. The intensity of service innovation. More financial resources will be invested in small and medium-sized enterprises to win development space for the future, to create and support the formation of a larger number of enterprises. We must actively adapt to the new requirements for financial services in the era of the Internet and big data, make full use of the advanced advantages of Shenzhen's information industry, and take the lead in developing innovative financial services such as online banking and online insurance to form a first-mover advantage. Focusing on building a comprehensive and innovative ecosystem, providing personalized and more flexible financing products and secured mortgages for R&D and innovative small and medium-sized enterprises, actively carrying out IP pledge financing, financial leasing, technology insurance, capital operation, and risk Management and other services. We must aim at the new trend of consumption upgrades, innovate financial services in the areas of new consumerism and high-end consumption, and strive to seize opportunities in the consumer finance field. At the same time, it is necessary to further expand the proportion of direct financing, continue to promote innovative products such as regional CIMC superior bonds, small enterprises private debts, and increase the intensity of SMEs' listing.

Third, we hope that the city’s financial system will intensify its services and help promote transformation and innovation. Accelerating industrial transformation and upgrading and innovation drive is the fundamental path for the sustainable development of the real economy. At present, Shenzhen's industrial transformation and upgrading has been on the right track, and independent innovation is moving toward the high-end frontier. Six strategic emerging industries such as biology, the Internet, new energy, new materials (news materials), the new generation of information technology, and cultural creativity have accelerated their efforts. Last year, the growth rate reached 2.5 times GDP. The benefits of the modern service industry are prominent. At the same time, we are focusing on long-term development. This year we launched plans for future industrial development such as marine economy, aerospace, and life health, and actively built a modern strategic industrial system including traditional advantageous industries, strategic emerging industries, and future industrial strategies. . It is hoped that the city's financial system will enhance its acumen and give full play to the guiding role of finance in promoting transformation and upgrading and independent innovation. Differentiated and targeted financial products and financial instruments will help accelerate the development of the financial industry and future industries, and foster a number of emerging industries. Enterprise clusters constantly consolidate the industrial base for the development of the real economy.

Fourth, it is hoped that the majority of SMEs will make good use of finance to speed up development and improve quality. At present, there are more than 500,000 small and medium-sized enterprises in the city, which helps to promote the economic growth of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, expand employment channels, and increase economic income. Crack the bottleneck of financing difficulties for SMEs, and continue to optimize financial services. It is hoped that the majority of small, medium and micro enterprises will enhance their financial awareness and leverage multi-level capital markets. Through equity financing, bank loans and other ways for the rapid development of enterprises, across the development to obtain adequate financial support. At the same time, we must make good use of modern financial services tools to avoid market risks and achieve stable operations. It is necessary to further enhance the awareness of integrity and standardize management awareness, continuously increase internal management, standardize financial management and accounting, improve credit ratings, and establish a harmonious relationship with financial institutions in trust, cooperation, and mutual benefit to form mutual support, mutual promotion, and common development. Good situation.

Comrades, finance is a modern economically operating enterprise, and it is also a booster for accelerating the development of the real economy. The Shenzhen municipal government will unswervingly support the development of the financial industry, promote the deep integration and interactive development of finance and the real economy, and constantly improve the small and medium-sized enterprises. Micro-enterprise policy system and service system promote the real economy and small, medium and micro enterprises to become bigger and stronger. I believe that with the joint efforts of all, Shenzhen's real economy in the financial industry and small, medium and micro enterprises will surely develop better and make greater contributions to achieving stable and stable growth and sustainable overall development.

Finally, I wish a complete success of the series of activities of the financial services entity economy. thank you all!

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